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      Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
      Faculty of Science, Japan Women's University

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  Reseach areas: Theoretical physics, Particel and nuclear physics, Structure functions of hadrons
      The nucleon and nuclei consist of elementary particles, quarks and gluons. It is important to describe the nucleon and nuclei in terms of quark and gluon degrees of freedom for finding new physics beyond the standard model, for investigating properties of quark and gluon plasma in heavy-ion reactions, and for clarifying fundamental mechanisms of nucleonic and nuclear structure. In particular, We have been investigating parton distribution functions, fragmentation functions, and high-energy hadron reactions for clarifying the structure of the nucleon and nuclei. Recent interests include the origin of nucleon spin, nucleon mass, nucleon tomography, spin-1 structure functions, and exotic hadrons.

Weekly meetings on basic studies for undergraduate reseach.
      • Field theory: Quantum Field Theory --Focus on Invariance and Free Fields--
                                Makoto Sakamoto (Shokabo, 2014), in Japanese.
      • Hadron physics: Quarks and Leptons: An Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics
                                      F. Halzen, A. D. Martin (John Wiley & Sons, 1984);
                                      Japanese translation by Tetsuro Kobayashi and Tatsunari Hirose (Baifukan, 1986).
      • Quantum Computers: Introduction to Quantum Chemical Calculations on Quantum Computers
                                                Kenji Sugisaki (Kodansha, 2020), in Japanese.

Members Position Research Field
Shunzo Kumano Specially Appointed Professor Theoretial Physics, Particle and Nuclear Physics
Risa Kunitomo Senior Student Origin of Nucleon Mass
Rieko Matsumoto Senior Student Hadron Physics by Quantum Computers

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