Light and Matter Interaction

~Condensed matter physics~

June 2021: Published!

R. Shimada, O. Urakawa, T. Inoue and H. Watanabe,
“Phase equilibrium and dielectric relaxation in mixture of 5CB with dilute dimethyl phthalate: effect of coupling between orientation and composition fluctuations on molecular dynamics in isotropic one-phase state”,

Soft Matter, 17, 6259-6272 (2021).

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Sep 2020: Published!

R. Shimada and H. Watanabe,
"Thermodynamic effect on viscosity and density of a mixture of 4-Cyano-4'-pentylbiphenyl (5CB) with dilute dimethyl phthalate (DMP)", J.Soc.Rheol.Japan, 48, 199-206 (2020).

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May 2017: Published!

R. Shimada, H. Sakai, J. Yamamoto and H. Watanabe,
"Creation of large, periodic temperature gradient via plasmonic heating from mesoscopic planar lattice of metal domains", International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 118, 247-258 (2017).

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