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Vol.33, (2024)

  1. Messoud Efendiev and Vitali Vougalter
  2. On the solvability in the sense of sequences for some nonlinear Fredholm opeartors with the logarithmic Laplacian / pp.1–12
  3. Abstract PDF

  4. Junichi Aramaki
  5. Existence of infinitely many weak solutions for non-uniformly elliptic equation with mixed boundary conditions in a variable exponent Sobolev space / pp.13–40
  6. Abstract PDF

  7. Deb Sarkar, Pulak Konar, Ramakant Bhardwaj
  8. Optimality results with multivalued mappings and application to non-linear equation / pp.41–54
  9. Abstract PDF

  10. Kota Kumazaki
  11. Measurability of a solution to a free boundary problem describing swelling phenomenon in porous materials / pp.55–76
  12. Abstract PDF

  13. Yoshifumi Mimura
  14. Global existence of solutions to parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel system in between two critical exponents / pp.77–96
  15. Abstract PDF

  16. Shyamal Debnath, Santonu Debnath
  17. On statistical limit superior and limit inferior in neutrosophic normed spaces / pp.97–108
  18. Abstract PDF

  19. V. Lokesha, Suvarna, A. S. Maragadam
  20. Bounds for the first Zagreb index of a splice and link graphs / pp.109–128
  21. Abstract PDF

  22. Amirhossein Amiri Mehra, Mohammad Kohandel, Siv Sivaloganathan
  23. Modeling cancer dynamics and personalized therapy: An innovative multi-agent-based tumor-site compartment approach with optimal control / pp.129–159
  24. Abstract PDF

  25. Manjunath Muddalapuram, Kumara M., Rachanna Kanabur
  26. Investigation of lower and upper bounds of $\psi$ graph via some topological indices / pp.161–167
  27. Abstract PDF

  28. Husna Valijan, Priyanka Venkataramappa, Rajeshwari Srinivas
  29. Results on transcendental meromorphic functions concerning $\mathbb{c}$-shift difference operator with $k^{th}$ derivative / pp.169–188
  30. Abstract PDF

  31. Sonam
  32. Some fixed point results in soft fuzzy metric spaces via altering soft distance / pp.189–200
  33. Abstract PDF

  34. Pourreza Ahmadi Seyed Ahmad, Ozen Ozer, Pourreza Ahmadi Seyed Fardis, Pourreza Ahmadi Seyed Fariba
  35. A new general integral transform and application to solving fractional differential and integral equations / pp.201–215
  36. Abstract PDF

  37. Sejal V. Puvar, Rajendra G. Vyas
  38. Almost Suzuki type common fixed point result via extended $\Gamma-C_F$-simulation functions / pp.217–229
  39. Abstract PDF

  40. Rajeshwari S., Roopa K.M.
  41. Laplace transform using difference equations / pp.231–236
  42. Abstract PDF

Vol.32, No.1, (2023)

  1. B. P. Allahverdiev and H. Tuna
  2. On the resolvent operator of dynamic Dirac operators / pp.1–16
  3. Abstract PDF

  4. D. Cioranescu, A. Damlamian, and G. Griso
  5. The periodic unfolding method for countably many scales / pp.17–58
  6. Abstract PDF

  7. D. R. Adhikari
  8. Continuity of Yosida approximants corresponding to general duality mappings / pp.59–71
  9. Abstract PDF

  10. R. Jain, G. S. Saluja, H. K. Nashine, and R. P. Agarwal
  11. Coupled and common coupled fixed point theorems for contractive type conditions in partial metric spaces / pp.73–96
  12. Abstract PDF

  13. T. Nogayama and Y. Sawano
  14. Maximal regularity in Morrey spaces and its application to two-dimensional Keller-Segel system / pp.97–134
  15. Abstract PDF

  16. A. J. Ntsokongo and F. D. R. Langa
  17. Well-posedness and the global attractor of the higher-order anisotropic conservative Caginalp phasefield systems based on the Maxwell-Cattaneo law / pp.135–154
  18. Abstract PDF

  19. C. Kosugi
  20. Solvability of a PDE model with nonlinear stress function having singularity for compressible elastic curve / pp.155–177
  21. Abstract PDF

  22. O. Kişi and C. Choudhury
  23. Some results on rough ideal convergence of triple sequences in gradual normed linear spaces / pp.179–201
  24. Abstract PDF

  25. H. W. Alt and G. Witterstein
  26. Nonsymmetric pressure tensors and the spin equation / pp.203–224
  27. Abstract PDF

  28. B. Daraby, A. Rahimi, and M. Tahmourasi
  29. Generalization of a two-dimensional Hardy type inequality for pseudo-integrals / pp.225–236
  30. Abstract PDF

Vol.32, No.2, (2023)

  1. Shyamal Debnath, Chiranjib Choudhury, and Santonu Debnath
  2. On quasi statistical convergence of order α in neutrosophic normed spaces / pp.237–251
  3. Abstract PDF

  4. Jayashri Pattar and Shilpa N
  5. A note on the entire solutions for the system of partial differential-difference equations of Fermat-type / pp.253–271
  6. Abstract PDF

  7. Kota Kumazaki
  8. Large time behavior of a solution to a free boundary problem describing migration into rubbers with a breaking effect / pp.273–289
  9. Abstract PDF

  10. Nizar Hadj Taieb, Mohamaed Ali Hammami, and François Delmotte
  11. A new stability criteria for Takagi-Sugeno perturbed fuzzy systems/ pp.291–310
  12. Abstract PDF

  13. Toyohiko Aiki, Daiki Mizuno, and Ken Shirakawa
  14. A class of initial-boundary value problems governed by pseudo-parabolic weighted total variation flows/ pp.311–341
  15. Abstract PDF

  16. Mai Harada, Susumu Shindo, and Noriaki Yamazaki
  17. Quasi-variational approach to periodic problems for sirs models with the seasonally-dependent transmission rate/ pp.343–370
  18. Abstract PDF

  19. Yoshiho Akagawa, Takeshi Fukao, and Risei Kano
  20. Time-dependence of the threshold function in the perfect plasticity model/ pp.371–398
  21. Abstract PDF

  22. Mehdi Bouziane, Abdelheq Mezouaghi, and Omar Belhamiti
  23. Assessing the impact of vaccination reproduction number and endemic equilibrium on controlling the spread of COVID-19: A sensitivity analysis/ pp.399–430
  24. Abstract PDF

  25. Amit Halder and Shyamal Debnath
  26. On I-statistical convergence almost surely of complex uncertain sequences/ pp.431–445
  27. Abstract PDF

  28. Chiharu Kosugi
  29. Existence and uniqueness of weak solutions for compressible elastic curves in the energy conservation system/ pp.447–454
  30. Abstract PDF

  31. Akio Ito
  32. Large-time behaviors of solutions to chemotaxis tumor invasion with quasi-variational diffusion/ pp.455–509
  33. Abstract PDF

  34. Shodai Kubota and Ken Shirakawa
  35. Periodic solutions to Kobayashi-Warren-Carter systems/ pp.511–553
  36. Abstract PDF

Vol.31, No.1, (2022)

  1. G. Akagi and T. Oka
  2. Space-time homogenization problems for porous medium equations with nonnegative initial data / pp.1–19
  3. Abstract PDF.74KB

  4. B. B. V. Maia and L. R. S. Rodrigues
  5. Kirchhoff-type parabolic systems involving the p(x)-Laplacian operator / pp.21–44
  6. Abstract PDF.90KB

  7. K. Furukawa and T. Kashiwabara
  8. Justification of the hydrostatic approximation of the primitive equations in anisotropic space LHLqx3(T3) / pp.45–71
  9. Abstract PDF.84KB

  10. A. Tandon, Neha, and G. Kaur
  11. Release planning problem with testing coverage and fault reduction factor under imperfect debugging / pp.73–91
  12. Abstract PDF.62KB

  13. F. P. Q. Gómez and R. C. Charão
  14. On existence and critical exponent for a semilinear second order evolution equation / pp.93–117
  15. Abstract PDF.63KB

  16. M. Chipot
  17. On a nonlocal-in-time parabolic problem / pp.119–129
  18. Abstract PDF.52KB

  19. M. Gokieli, N. Kenmochi, and M. Niezgódka
  20. Parabolic quasi-variational inequalities (III) – Problems with degenerate gradient constraint – / pp.131–145
  21. Abstract PDF.79KB

  22. S. Grützner and A. Muntean
  23. Identifying processes governing damage evolution in quasi-static elasticity part 2 – Numerical simulations / pp.147–173
  24. Abstract PDF.141KB

  25. E. W. Stiegelmeier, V. A. Oliveira, G. N. Silva, and M. M. Furlan
  26. Dynamic optimization model to control weed infestation: A mixed-integer nonlinear programming approach / pp.175–196
  27. Abstract PDF.72KB

  28. M. Efendiev, V. Vougalter
  29. On the necessary conditions for preserving the nonnegative cone: double scale anomalous diffusion / pp.197–206
  30. Abstract PDF.59KB

Vol.31, No.2, (2022)

  1. J. Aramaki
  2. Mixed boundary value problem for a class of quasi-linear elliptic operators containing p(⋅)-Laplacian in a variable exponent Sobolev space / pp.207–239
  3. Abstract PDF.74KB

  4. P. Bégout
  5. The dual space of a complex Banach space restricted to the field of real numbers / pp.241–252
  6. Abstract PDF.56KB

  7. M. Boulanouar
  8. On a mathematical model and its applications to structured cell populations with quiescence / pp.253–291
  9. Abstract PDF.78KB

  10. M. Kostić
  11. Hölder ρ-almost periodic type functions in Rn / pp.293–325
  12. Abstract PDF.87KB

  13. Y. Chiyo
  14. Stabilization for small mass in a quasilinear parabolic-elliptic-elliptic attraction-repulsion chemotaxis system with density-dependent sublinear sensitivity / pp.327–341
  15. Abstract PDF.83KB

  16. H. W. Alt and G. Witterstein
  17. A new method for liquid crystals based on the spin equation / pp.343–382
  18. Abstract PDF.76KB

  19. N. Kenmochi
  20. Development of evolution inclusions governed by time-dependent subdifferentials and new perspectives / pp.383–396
  21. Abstract PDF.80KB

  22. H. Soutome, N. Ishimura, and H. Imai
  23. Global in space numerical computation of the ruin probability / pp.397–406
  24. Abstract PDF.57KB

  25. G. M. Bressan, M. H. Pimenta-Zanon, and F. Sakuray
  26. Heuristic methods for minimizing cut bars and using leftovers from the one-dimensional cutting process / pp.407–433
  27. Abstract PDF.68KB

  28. L. Benkherouf and B. H. Gilding
  29. The inventory control problem with a finite horizon admits multiple optimal solutions / pp.435–471
  30. Abstract PDF.60KB

  31. T. Aiki and M. Hotta
  32. Age-dependent model for population dynamics of polyps, one life stage of jellyfish / pp.473–480
  33. Abstract PDF.56KB

  34. S. Kurima
  35. Nonlocal to local convergence of singular phase field systems of conserved type / pp.481–500
  36. Abstract PDF.70KB

Vol.30, No.1, (2021)

  1. T. Tsuruhashi
  2. On divergence of products of irregular scalar and solenoidal vector fields / pp.1–21
  3. Abstract PDF.56KB

  4. Y. Fukui
  5. Construction of weak solutions of a weighted inverse mean curvature flow / pp.23–37
  6. Abstract PDF.63KB

  7. A. K. Verma, B. Pandit, and R. P. Agarwal
  8. Continuous Galerkin method and Lane-Emden equations / pp.39–64
  9. Abstract PDF.72KB

  10. A. Haruki and Y. Ishigaki
  11. Stability of time-periodic parallel flow of compressible viscoelastic system in an infinite layer / pp.65–103
  12. Abstract PDF.61KB

  13. E. Rosalino Jr., J. B. R. Otazú, A. J. da Silva, and J. Baczynski
  14. A geometric approach to pricing multi-asset barrier options / pp.105–127
  15. Abstract PDF.129KB

  16. M. Boulanouar
  17. Mathematical analysis of cycle length-age structured cell population with aggregate transition rule: Well-posedness / pp.129–153
  18. Abstract PDF.73KB

  19. M. Boulanouar
  20. Mathematical analysis of cycle length-age structured cell population with aggregate transition rule: Asynchronous growth property / pp.155–174
  21. Abstract PDF.61KB

  22. H. Ito, H. Imai, and T. Ooura
  23. Development of a high-precision numerical method for integration over one period of periodic functions with a sharp peak / pp.175–189
  24. Abstract PDF.58KB

  25. S. Takahashi
  26. On anisotropic decay rate estimates for the Navier-Stokes equations / pp.191–207
  27. Abstract PDF.87KB

  28. S. Takahashi
  29. A remark on anisotropic decay rate estimates for the Navier-Stokes equations / pp.209–216
  30. Abstract PDF.70KB

Vol.30, No.2, (2021)

  1. H. D. Toktay, D. Aydoğan, and F. A. Yüksel
  2. Detection of inclination and declination angles from total magnetic anomaly maps on archaeological sites / pp.217–225
  3. Abstract PDF.60KB

  4. A. D. Báez Sánchez, and N. Bobko
  5. Effects of anti-infection behavior on the equilibrium states of an infectious disease / pp.227–247
  6. Abstract PDF.49KB

  7. N. Kenmochi
  8. Remarks on extension of convex functions and application to evolution inclusions generated by -Δβ / pp.249–265
  9. Abstract PDF.76KB

  10. H. D. Toktay
  11. Edge detection from magnetic anomaly maps using derivative based algorithms / pp.267–280
  12. Abstract PDF.45KB

  13. F. Rupp
  14. Taking over maritime ecosystems: modelling fish-jellyfish deterministic and randomized dynamics / pp.281–304
  15. Abstract PDF.49KB

  16. S. Grützner and A. Muntean
  17. Identifying processes governing damage evolution in quasi-static elasticity part 1 – Analysis / pp.305–334
  18. Abstract PDF.58KB

  19. H. D. Toktay
  20. Interpretation of magnetic anomalies by using ASTA edge detection method: Sakarya (Sapanca) example / pp.335–345
  21. Abstract PDF.45KB

  22. M. Okumura and T. Fukao
  23. A new structure-preserving scheme with the staggered space mesh for the Cahn-Hilliard equation under a dynamic boundary condition / pp.347–376
  24. Abstract PDF.58KB

  25. M. A. Efendiev, A. Muradova, N. Muradov, and H. Zischka
  26. Local vs nonlocal models for mitochondria swelling / pp.377–385
  27. Abstract PDF.60KB

  28. C. Kosugi, T. Aiki, M. Anthonissen, and M. Okumura
  29. Numerical results for ordinary and partial differential equations describing motions of elastic materials / pp.387–414
  30. Abstract PDF.50KB

  31. T. Tsuruhashi
  32. Remarks on non-uniqueness for a transport equation with a fractional diffusion / pp.415–427
  33. Abstract PDF.56KB

  34. L. Scarpa and U. Stefanelli
  35. The energy-dissipation principle for stochastic parabolic equations / pp.429–452
  36. Abstract PDF.60KB

  37. S. Kubota
  38. One-dimensional optimal control problems for time-discrete constrained quasilinear diffusion equations of Allen-Cahn types / pp.453–498
  39. Abstract PDF.72KB

  40. M. Kato, H. Fujiwara, and H. Imai
  41. Numerical regularity map for fundamental one-dimensional fractional differential equations with Hölder continuous solutions / pp.499–506
  42. Abstract PDF.58KB

  43. J. Okamoto
  44. Random discretization of O'Hara knot energy / pp.507–520
  45. Abstract PDF.62KB

  46. L. Meacci, R. F. Ausas, F. Mut, and G. C. Buscaglia
  47. Multi-component red blood cell computational modeling: A new mathematical formulation / pp.521–554
  48. Abstract PDF.62KB

  49. T. Suzuki
  50. Interface vanishing for nonstationary Maxwell equation / pp.555–570
  51. Abstract PDF.55KB

  52. C. S. Kubrusly, and B. P. Duggal
  53. Weakly supercyclic power bounded operators of class C1 / pp.571–585
  54. Abstract PDF.80KB

Vol.29, No.1, (2020)

  1. H. W. Alt
  2. Magnetism and gravity. A unified treatment / pp.1–33
  3. Abstract PDF.39KB

  4. K. Kagawa and M. Ôtani
  5. Viscous Cahn–Hilliard equation with Dirichlet boundary condition / pp.35–63
  6. Abstract PDF.41KB

  7. G. M. Bressan, M. Gabrielle de Souza Sobrinho, and C. M. Agulhari
  8. Optimization of usable leftover cutting stock problems using fuzzy approach / pp.65–86
  9. Abstract PDF.51KB

  10. Y. Giga and Z. Gu
  11. On the Helmholtz decompositions of vector fields of bounded mean oscillation and in real Hardy spaces over the half space / pp.87–128
  12. Abstract PDF.39KB

  13. Q. Yang, X. Shen, J. Jia, T. Wang, and L. Cai
  14. Mathematical model for human mitral valve / pp.129–143
  15. Abstract PDF.41KB

  16. C. S. Kubrusly and B. P. Duggal
  17. Asymptotic limits, Banach limits and Cesáro means / pp.145–170
  18. Abstract PDF.44KB

  19. E. N. M. Cirillo and A. Muntean
  20. Anticipation decides on lane formation in pedestrian counterflow – a simulation study / pp.171–185
  21. Abstract PDF.45KB

  22. M. Kobayashi and Y. Yamada
  23. Global existence of weak solutions to forest kinematic model with nonlinear degenerate diffusion / pp.187–209
  24. Abstract PDF.42KB

  25. M. Boulanouar
  26. On an abstract transport equation and some of its applications in cell population dynamics / pp.211–229
  27. Abstract PDF.39KB

  28. M. A. Efendiev, J. Murley and S. Sivaloganathan
  29. A coupled PDE model of high intensity ultrasound heating of biological tissue, Part I: Well-posedness / pp.231–246
  30. Abstract PDF.48KB

  31. T. Aiki and K. Kumazaki
  32. Differentiability of a solution of a free boundary problem describing water adsorption / pp.247–282
  33. Abstract PDF.39KB

Vol.29, No.2, (2020)

  1. T. Aiki and K. Kumazaki
  2. Remark on differentiability of solution of free boundary problems describing water adsorption / pp.283–293
  3. Abstract PDF.39KB

  4. G. M. Bressan, B. C. Coscarelli, H. Pimenta-Zanon, and B. C. F. de Azevedo
  5. Input features selection to improve the performance of a fuzzy classifier / pp.295–310
  6. Abstract PDF.56KB

  7. N. Kenmochi, K. Shirakawa, and N. Yamazaki
  8. Doubly nonlinear evolution inclusions of time-dependent subdifferentials – quasi-variational approach – / pp.311–343
  9. Abstract PDF.69KB

  10. M. H. Pimenta-Zanon, F. Sakuray, and R. S. V. Hoto
  11. The problem of the compartmentalized knapsack: A proposal of three new heuristics / pp.345–363
  12. Abstract PDF.54KB

  13. T. Fukao
  14. On a perturbed fast diffusion equation with dynamic boundary conditions / pp.365–392
  15. Abstract PDF.49KB

  16. H. Soutome and H. Imai
  17. Numerical regularity map for blow-up solutions of nonlinear ordinary differential equations / pp.393–402
  18. Abstract PDF.39KB

  19. M. Gokieli, N. Kenmochi, and M. Niezgódka
  20. Parabolic quasi-variational inequalities (II) – remarks on continuity of solutions – / pp.403–418
  21. Abstract PDF.45KB

  22. N. Kenmochi, K. Shirakawa, and N. Yamazaki
  23. Approximate methods for singular optimal control problems of nonlinear evolution inclusions with quasi-variational structure / pp.419–457
  24. Abstract PDF.54KB

  25. T. Aiki and C. Kosugi
  26. Numerical schemes for ordinary differential equations describing shrinking and stretching motion of elastic materials / pp.457–494
  27. Abstract PDF.39KB

  28. S. Kubota, K. Shirakawa, and N. Yamazaki
  29. A class of approximate optimal control problems for 1-D phase-field system with singularity and its numerical algorithm / pp.495–561
  30. Abstract PDF.64KB

  31. H. B. Karataş, D. Kumar, and F. Uçar
  32. Some iteration and Parseval-Goldstein type identities with their applications / pp.563–574
  33. Abstract PDF.40KB

  34. T. Kishida and Y. Murase
  35. Numerical simulations of water adsorption model by finite element method with adaptive moving mesh method / pp.575–582
  36. Abstract PDF.40KB

  37. S. Kubota, R. Nakayashiki, and K. Shirakawa
  38. Optimal control problems for 1D parabolic state-systems of KWC types with dynamic boundary conditions / pp.583–637
  39. Abstract PDF.43KB

Vol.28, No.1, (2019)

  1. K. Fujie and T. Suzuki
  2. Global existence and boundedness in a fully parabolic 2D attraction-repulsion system: chemotaxisdominant case / pp.1–9
  3. Abstract PDF.112KB

  4. G. M. Bressan, G. S. Oliveira, E. W. Stiegelmeier, A. L. M. Martinez, and R. Molina de Souza
  5. Linear programming and application in the stocks balancing of a manufacture / pp.11–27
  6. Abstract PDF.142KB

  7. J. Aramaki
  8. Existence of weak solutions to stationary and evolutionary Maxwell-Stokes type problems and the asymptotic behavior of the solution / pp.29–57
  9. Abstract PDF.49KB

  10. S. Benmansour, A. Matallah, and S. Litimein
  11. Multiplicity results for critical Kirchhoff problems involving concave-convex nonlinearities / pp.59–71
  12. Abstract PDF.43KB

  13. Burcu Gürbüz and M. Sezer
  14. Improved Laguerre matrix method for solving some nonlinear functional partial differential equations / pp.73–84
  15. Abstract PDF.150KB

  16. K. N. Prakasha, P. S. K. Reddy, and I. N. Cangul
  17. Sum-connectivity energy of graphs / pp.85–98
  18. Abstract PDF.45KB

  19. C. S. Ruoja, C. Surulescu, and A. Zhigun
  20. On a model for epidemic spread with interpopulation contact and repellent taxis / pp.99–113
  21. Abstract PDF.180KB

  22. S. Hosamani, V. Lokesha, K. M. Devendraiah, M. R. Farahani, and I. N. Cangul
  23. On the Sanskruti index of certain line graphs of subdivision graphs / pp.115–121
  24. Abstract PDF.129KB

  25. E. Bas and R. Ozarslan
  26. New estimations for discrete Sturm-Liouville problems / pp.123–137
  27. Abstract PDF.44KB

  28. R. Zeghdane
  29. Block-pulse functions and operational matrix for the numerical solution of some classes of linear and nonlinear stochastic integral equations / pp.139–153
  30. Abstract PDF.40KB

  31. R. Chalayer and T. Dubois
  32. A first-order bi-projection scheme for incompressible two-phase Bingham flows / pp.155–169
  33. Abstract PDF.115KB

  34. T. Ghoul, S. Ibrahim, and S. Shen
  35. Long time behavior of a two fluid model / pp.171–196
  36. Abstract PDF.54KB

Vol.28, No.2, (2019)

  1. S. Melchionna, H. Ranetbauer, L. Scarpa, and L. Trussardi
  2. From nonlocal to local Cahn-Hilliard equation / pp.197–211
  3. Abstract PDF.50KB

  4. B. A. Ton
  5. Exact controllability of a strongly nonlinear wave equation with boundary controls / pp.213–234
  6. Abstract PDF.47KB

  7. H. Li
  8. On local strong solutions to the Cauchy problem of two-dimensional nonhomogeneous Navier-Stokes-Korteweg equations with vacuum / pp.235–254
  9. Abstract PDF.38KB

  10. M. P. Goswami, R. Agarwal, and R. P. Agarwal
  11. Double Laplace transform in bicomplex space with applications / pp.255–271
  12. Abstract PDF.40KB

  13. A. J. Vromans, F. van de Ven, and A. Muntean
  14. Parameter delimitation of the weak solvability for a pseudo-parabolic system coupling chemical reactions, diffusion and momentum equations / pp.273–311
  15. Abstract PDF.127KB

  16. M. Eden
  17. Homogenization of a moving boundary problem with prescribed normal velocity / pp.313–341
  18. Abstract PDF.165KB

  19. P. Colli, G. Gilardi, and J. Sprekels
  20. Well-posedness and regularity for a fractional tumor growth model / pp.343–375
  21. Abstract PDF.78KB

  22. L. Pires
  23. Isolated large diffusion / pp.377–385
  24. Abstract PDF.38KB

  25. T. Aiki, M. Anthonissen, and M. Takahashi
  26. Initial boundary value problem describing a real experiment related to the Soret effect / pp.387–411
  27. Abstract PDF.115KB

  28. H. Fujiwara and A. Tamasan
  29. Numerical realization of a new generation tomography algorithm based on the Cauchy-type integral formula / pp.413–424
  30. Abstract PDF.114KB

  31. L. Portinale and U. Stefanelli
  32. Penalization via global functionals of optimal-control problems for dissipative evolution / pp.425–447
  33. Abstract PDF.126KB

Vol.27, No.1, (2018)

  1. G. E. Chatzarakis, I. K. Purnaras, and I. P. Stavroulakis
  2. Oscillation tests for differential equations with deviating arguments / pp.1–28
  3. PDF.132KB

  4. Takeshi Fukao and Taishi Motoda
  5. Abstract approach to degenerate parabolic equations with dynamic boundary conditions / pp.29–44
  6. PDF.125KB

  7. Simon Davis
  8. Calois theory and the uniformization of Riemann surfaces / pp.45–63
  9. PDF.128KB

  10. Glaucia Maria Bressan, João Marcelo Abreu Bernardi, and Carlos Nascimento Silla Junior
  11. A fuzzy-based approach for the Latin musical genres intelligent classification / pp.65–80
  12. PDF.320KB

  13. Kazutoshi Taguchi
  14. On discrete one-harmonic map flows with values into an embedded manifold on a multi-dimensional domain / pp.81–113
  15. PDF.439KB

  16. Tatsu-Hiko Miura, Yoshikazu Giga, and Chun Liu
  17. An energetic variational approach for nonlinear diffusion equations in moving thin domains / pp.115–141
  18. PDF.313KB

  19. Yoshikazu Giga, Jonas Sauer, and Katharina Schade
  20. Strong stability of 2d viscoelastic Poiseuille-type flows / pp.143–167
  21. PDF.356KB

  22. Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nobuyuki Higashimori, and Hitoshi Imai
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Vol.13, No.1, (2003)

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Vol.13, No.2, (2003)

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Vol.12, No.1, (2002)

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Vol.12, No.2, (2002)

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Vol.11, No.1, (2001)

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Vol.11, No.2, (2001)

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Vol.10, No.1, (2000)

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Vol.10, No.2, (2000)

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Vol.9, No.1, (1999)

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Vol.9, No.2, (1999)

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Vol.8, No.1, (1998)

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Vol.8, No.2, (1998)

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Vol.7, No.1, (1997)

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Vol.7, No.2, (1997)

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Vol.6, No.1, (1996)

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Vol.6, No.2, (1996)

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Vol.5, No.1, (1995)

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Vol.5, No.2, (1995)

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Vol.4, No.1, (1994)

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Vol.4, No.2, (1994)

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